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  1. Same problem here. I agree with both comments. It's very unpractical to click next, next, next,.... to find alphabetically the notebook. There should be a "search" box the same way the web clipper works.
  2. Thanks guys for your tips... They seem to be a good way around. But I just implemented the "reminder trick" and I get a list of "fake" reminders mixed with my real reminders, which doesn't look nice and tidy at all. This is kind of a "throwing the garbage in the living room to get the flies out of the kitchen" solution. I would love to see something like a pushpin button on the top of my note.
  3. To be able to pin notes on top of a notebook (like in these forums are pinned important topics), where you may want to gather links to important notes, or just specific remarks and descriptions for that notebook would be great. Maybe I am not the first one to think about this, but I really miss it.
  4. A functionality to lock/unlock notes to make them "read only" would be of great help. There are notes that you create to use them as a frequent reference, but you don't want to change them by mistake. Or let others borrowing your tablet to change or delete anything. A lock/unlock button or similar would prevent that. Just an idea... Thanks.
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