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  1. I still seem to have problems with this. I have two colleagues who have access to a notebook I've shared with them. They don't just see the tags that have been used in that notebook, they see all of my tags including ones they really shouldn't. Based on the descriptions here that say that isn't how it works, I think a glitch has happened here. I tested out Scott's May 2014 post about selecting a notebook and then clicking on the 'Tag' icon to just see what's associated with that workbook. Again, mine hasn't worked that way. There's reams of tags with 0 associated items (because they're pegged
  2. Web clipper works great for most of the sites I frequent and clip from, but some media doesn't get it. They put author names or article dates in vertical columns on the left or in other weird places. In other instances, the boxes simply aren't perfectly square or rectangular, with headers or footers or parts of the body being more elongated than other parts, etc. I realize this could probably never be an exact science, but can web clipper not have another option added that would be like the magic wand tool in photoshop so that you could actually try to select exactly the parts you need or
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