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  1. Hi, Apparently it is not possible to "undo" the event of changing the color of the cell of a table. To reproduce the bug: - draw a table in your note - long click in a random cell - Tables > Table properties - Change the cell background color to something else - Try menu bar edit > undo (or cmd z) and you'll see that this is not possible. The only way to change the color back is to manually change it again. Also, there is no option to change back to the standard (black/white) background. You have to select "white" to get the original table settings back (which obviously isn't the original setting then since that was the black/white option). Maybe a small bug to fix for the next version, would be very handy since I use the table colors quite often. Versions: OSX Yosemite, Evernote 6.1.1. Kind regards.
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