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  1. Lets get specific on this - Windows based Tablet PC's & its INKING with One Note vs EverNote I am wondering about people who use BOTH, for their Strengths & Weaknesses on a Windows Tablet PC like Surface Pro etc.
  2. Interesting comparisons. I am wondering if there are any Tablet PC users among those using both?
  3. Thanks. I guess will have to do some back & forth.
  4. What and where is this WebApp? I do not see this Black bar nor do I see the right side PRINT note option
  5. All the time, for every tab. Need to fix it.
  6. Facing issues for a while now, having to keep refreshing pages. Using the right click bypass, but that does not have a "Simplified Article" mode.
  7. https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-US/115147 Sample page: Tried first 3 and it just wasnt as good - as would've been with Simplified Formatting. Actually it's not a major fault, but a repeating fault with certain behavior. Try this page out with Normal Article and see the "Text overlap/ overlay" thing. This has been happening off late on a lot of Clipped pages. I think this is a Bug, that could be a blanket fix on lot of sites/ pages.
  8. MS One Note has started to encroach upon EverNotes strong areas, it would make sense for them to do so as well. Competition means improvement both sides.
  9. I love saving both ways, but sometimes the non-simplified article is saved in a way that it does not RENDER correctly. Can Evernote please provide a post processing function that allows us to: - Temporarily view as Simplified - a stylesheet of sorts - Permanently convert to Simplified & Overwrite OR - Make a Simplified Copy of the original (With same Data/ Time stamp in Evernote) It would be as simple as pulling the Simplifier Stylesheet from "Note Clipping" area of the product and putting it inside as well, as an ACTION/ FUNCTION.
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