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  1. All the time, for every tab. Need to fix it.
  2. Facing issues for a while now, having to keep refreshing pages. Using the right click bypass, but that does not have a "Simplified Article" mode.
  3. https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-US/115147 Sample page: Tried first 3 and it just wasnt as good - as would've been with Simplified Formatting. Actually it's not a major fault, but a repeating fault with certain behavior. Try this page out with Normal Article and see the "Text overlap/ overlay" thing. This has been happening off late on a lot of Clipped pages. I think this is a Bug, that could be a blanket fix on lot of sites/ pages.
  4. MS One Note has started to encroach upon EverNotes strong areas, it would make sense for them to do so as well. Competition means improvement both sides.
  5. I love saving both ways, but sometimes the non-simplified article is saved in a way that it does not RENDER correctly. Can Evernote please provide a post processing function that allows us to: - Temporarily view as Simplified - a stylesheet of sorts - Permanently convert to Simplified & Overwrite OR - Make a Simplified Copy of the original (With same Data/ Time stamp in Evernote) It would be as simple as pulling the Simplifier Stylesheet from "Note Clipping" area of the product and putting it inside as well, as an ACTION/ FUNCTION.
  6. Just saw this on the latest Windows Desktop App on a fresh PC - Mastering Evernote - Step 4 of 5
  7. Just saw this on the latest Windows Desktop App on a fresh PC - Mastering Evernote - Step 4 of 5
  8. 1st link is gone - Even from Google Cache 2nd is there, but wondering whether this still works with recent versions?
  9. I had forgotten until receiving your reply to the topic; I was still subscribed to this thread. I really wanted for months this issue to be fixed but reading your comment Barnabas is actually comforting, since I asked for a refund from EverNote many months ago due to this issue and jumped ship to OneNote without looking back. Evernote for mobile still kicks ass, but this issue for the desktop was a total deal breaker. I hope you find the right solution for you. Marco Could you share "how" you migrated to OneNote - Is there an easy way / tool/ wizard/ guide / steps? Please do share in case I decide to go that way. PS: I have loved One Note {using 2010} for a long time {been using both over several years}, but the last I used its "Clipper" I found it lacking the finesse of Evernote Web Clipper. Thoughts/ Comparative notes?
  10. Usage Strategies for Offline & Online Notes folders, esp. when monthly data cap is reached few days before cycle? I barely use Evernote on my mobile and mostly read / save via my Chrome or Opera Browser and save via Evernote Clipper to the Web; which blocks clipping when near to end of quota I did install Evernote Windows client on my previous laptop but dont have it now. I was reading on some post about someone recommending "create & save" offline folder and sync it when cycle is reset. I might have to do something like this now and then. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80530-monthly-upload-allowance-not-resetting/#entry340359 1. Can someone share some insights on how they do this/ and what clipping/ copying mechanism/ workflow they use for this? 2. also other Online vs Offline folder notes strategies they apply.. ? 3. Whether they prefer to store most Notes on disk and lesser synced via Cloud or 4. Mostly store in cloud and keep some offline in local install. Thoughts?
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