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  1. Lets get specific on this - Windows based Tablet PC's & its INKING with One Note vs EverNote I am wondering about people who use BOTH, for their Strengths & Weaknesses on a Windows Tablet PC like Surface Pro etc.
  2. Interesting comparisons. I am wondering if there are any Tablet PC users among those using both?
  3. Thanks. I guess will have to do some back & forth.
  4. What and where is this WebApp? I do not see this Black bar nor do I see the right side PRINT note option
  5. All the time, for every tab. Need to fix it.
  6. Facing issues for a while now, having to keep refreshing pages. Using the right click bypass, but that does not have a "Simplified Article" mode.
  7. MS One Note has started to encroach upon EverNotes strong areas, it would make sense for them to do so as well. Competition means improvement both sides.
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