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  1. Yes, from the last two posts several things became clear enough... It's so nice to have people like @SoftwareMarcus who understand that product management is not vote counting alone. Thanks @SoftwareMarcus !
  2. @tmsbn: This is not a feature - it's called good design. And the lack of this "feature" is called bad design or a bug, depending on the original intent. This is why I'm a little confused by @JMichaelTX's suggestion for voting. Voting for good design?!?
  3. Observed behavior: When I pick a notebook from the sidebar, the notebook is displayed properly, but the sidebar selection does not change - it stays always on the general "Notes" sidebar item. Expected bahavior: When I pick a notebook from the sidebar I want the selection there to change - I want to see the selected notebook highlighted. This way I don't have to guess which notebook is currently selected and where my new notes will go. (I know that I can figure out the current notebook by looking at the middle pane (card/snippet view) and other places on the page, but having the snippet view and the sidebar in sync is very important for the user productivity. The same way as the current folder in the Mac Finder is highlighted - we don't have to guess or look for information.) Can the described observed behavior be changed? Is there a setting in Evernote that I can use to force highlighting of the currently selected item in the sidebar? Thank you, Stefan
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