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  1. running www.evernote.com, today I am being asked over and over if I want to allow evernote to us up to 1.8 GB of storage on my Mac, or 2.0 GB of storage. Even when I click on "Allow", the same message will pop up again and again. I've never been asked this before, why now? Furthermore, Evernote for Mac is broken; it will not show me all my notes when I select "All Notes", nor will a search find all the pertinent notes when the web version does. I am almost done using Evernote for Mac due to it's unreliability. Now, if the web version keeps bugging me, I am going to drop Evernote in favor of OneNote. Nothing is always perfect, but I depend on my Evernote App for record retention and retrieval. If it continues spiralling down into drain, I will have no other option but to move.
  2. I don't know if this applies to your problem or not, but I've been working with Evernote support about my desktop Evernote for Mac app not showing 99.9% of my notes in the "All Notes" folder. Other folders, e.g. "Cabinet", did show notes, and the Web app showed all notes. The notes weren't missing, just invisible to "All Notes" on the desktop. The reinstalling and force syncs didn't work. But what did work was to recreate the full text search Index. Actually I had to run that solution twice to fix my notes. We are still exploring why this behavior popped up.
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