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  1. @rpowellweb, This solution (going to Send > Share > Open in... and then select the method or location you'd like to share to.) worked for me. Hopefully it works for you!
  2. I am having the same issue. This is not related to sending via email, but saving the scanned document to DropBox, sharing via AirDrop, etc. Is there a resolution where I can save a one-page-scan as a PDF? My settings have the default document type as a PDF, but the file will still save as a JPG unless I email it. I am saving one page documents (on 8 ½ x 11 paper or smaller).
  3. With one of the recent updates, all of my one-page scans are automatically saved as JPGs. I want them to be saved as PDFs. The only way (that I've seen) to do that is to email the scan. If I transfer via AirDrop or save to DropBox for example, the file is saved as a JPG. I have updated my settings with PDF as the default file type, but I'm still getting JPG. I didn't have this problem prior to the update. How can I fix this? The features should be updated to scan based on the preferences in the settings.
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