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  1. As a long time user of Evernote on iOS, I had no idea that there were any differences at all between the two mobile apps, Android vs iOS. One of the major reasons for using something like Evernote, in my opinion of course, would be the cross-platform nature. Write on a tablet, pick up on the desktop. Wherever life takes you, you have your "notebook" no matter the setting. Physical input differences aside between certain platforms, I'm actually shocked this is not a feature across the board and that we even have to ask this here. As a user I expect that whether I pick up a Surface tablet, iOS device, Android device, use the desktop app, or any other method, that I will have a similar experience across each device. Evernote, to me, is a "service." Much like Pandora or Netflix, I expect that my account, as it is accessible from a device, will have the same functionality. Again, this is just my opinion and respect goes to Evernote for the great features they do have. But I feel that being able to hand-write on one device and not another is like having Netflix that will only play movies and no TV shows on one platform, but everything combined on the other. Just my $.02.
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