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  1. I've had a good run with Evernote but Obsidian (https://obsidian.md/) checks many more boxes for my needs and it's free. Of course it has collapsible sections and bullets.
  2. +1 interest in having this feature added!
  3. Importing using Import Folder assigns all tags selected at the time of import to the imported note. Please make it assign no tags automatically.
  4. UI comment: The Windows version wastes too much screen space above the note list (see attached screenshot). Please return to the way it was before or add options in the View menu to go into full screen where all "white space" is removed.
  5. In Evernote windows - (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) - the new note via keyboard shortcut appears behind all other windows. I then have to Alt - Tab to that new blank note. Is it possible to make it always jump on top of other windows? I am on Win 10 64 bit.
  6. I would love for the Undo / Redo to apply to any action is Evernote such as moving / deleting tags & notebooks, changing the colour of tags etc. Evernote is great but can still be much better.
  7. Might I suggest changing this to evernoteReminderPath = %A_WorkingDir%\evernote reminders.png and placing the PNG file into the same folder as the AHK file that's used to run these hotkeys? This helps if you sync the AHK file on different computers. Also, I added SendInput {Tab} at the end of the first 2 hotkeys to allow immediate date entry. Otherwise thanks for your post!
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