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  1. Hello Jefito as usually some workaround work. It is question of how easy/expensive it is. I do not know if you have a family or face the same issue but imagine this for family of 4: 1. costs: evernote for 4 people can cost from 60eur-240eur depending how much of the premium/plus features you want to use. I assume the basic is not enough and in that case the costs goes to en average of 150eur for household. (as comparison MS office = 70eur for individual and 100eur family of 5). I hope you see the disrepency. (and that is for suite of programs) 2. There could be a section "Family" as similar to "notebooks or shared now" that can be managed in the family. Issue now with sharing is that shared has to be managed, so if I create a new notebook i have to remember to share it. If other in the family create a notebook, again they have to remember to share it. Also would be nice if someone from the family could keep the organization of the "family notebook" for other that do not want to spend much time organizing their references. 3. shared bandwidth. No need for 4x1gb-10gb per month uploads I bet there are more reasons to think about nicely done Family features and pricing.
  2. bumping this up. As currently starting up family, I see lack of family plan a huge issue for me from Evernote side. Considering even using OneNote as office already includes 5 users. (even though OneNote blaaah)
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