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  1. All of you, lots of thanks for coming up with a bunch of possible solutions, but also deepening my understanding of Evernote. For now, I'm going to see where group tags and stacks are going to get me. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I saw there have been several discussions regarding similar questions as mine, but none that addressed it specifically, so I hope you forgive me for posting this. Once upon a time, when life was simple, I started my Evernote account and put pretty much everything into it. Gave it little thought, to be honest. Several further though, I find that that approach is getting to be problematic. For one, I have two jobs: one as curator of a museum (paleontology/minerology), and another one in which I divide my time between doing (historical) research and more administrative tasks. Particularly that last combination causes problems. I find that from both perspectives, my search results are perpetually being polluted by information I don't need, and it is getting mightily irritating. I have always used Evernote as a sort of storage attic and in hindsight, I should've taken tagging more seriously. Too late now, I'm afraid. The question: would it be possible to split the database in two, so to speak, and use one portion when I'm working on a research project and another portion for admin tasks? I would rather not shell out more money than I need to, but if there's no alternative, that's what I'll do. Another option would be to combine Evernote with an app such as DevonThink. Any suggestions?
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