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  1. Hi, I'm using a PREMIUM account but my upload limit is almost used for this month with still more than a week to go. Is there a way to reset the limit before it resets itself? May be buy additional space? Are there any tools available to analyze what used the space? I have the feeling that this is almost impossible! Cheers, Axel
  2. Cirrus22

    Apple Pencil

    This is good news ... especially as I will get my Apple Pencil tomorrow!! Cheers, Axel
  3. Cirrus22

    Apple Pencil

    Hey garyFL1, thank you for your update. This is valuable information for me. Luck you, that you were able to get a Pencil. I will receive my iPad Pro tomorrow but will have to wait until December for the Pencil! @Evernote/Penultimate Team: What are your plans how adjust Penultimate to the iPad Pro? Best wishes, Axel
  4. Cirrus22

    Apple Pencil

    Good morning Chuck, as we are approaching the release date I wondered, if you had any new information on the subject. I (and I think quite some people in the community) would very much appreciate an update. Thanks, Axel
  5. Cirrus22

    Apple Pencil

    Hi, as more than 3 weeks have passed since the original post, I would like to ask if there is any update on this topic. Best regards, Axel
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