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  1. On windows I can set another database folder. I've moved to a new Mac and want to set the default folder to a Thunderbird disc. I understand that I don't have to the local database without the disc It's possible?
  2. My net conection it’s very good, I don’t understand the download taking forever. The background donload it’s not working properly. When I try to delete the duplicates the swipe movement shows the delete icon, but if you push it nothing appears. When I reopen the app, some duplicates are really deleted......
  3. Evernote update it’s worst as versions evolve: my notes are not downloaded for offline use, and I can’t delete notes from the all notes list
  4. Great! This time the update doesn't harm, and the return of simplified formatting it's a great news.
  5. I have opened the new version on the iPhone: "updating database" and al notes gone. The update goes on, downloading note titles and snippeds and off-line foders. On the iPad I have deleted the old version and installed the new one. I've marked the download folders incrementally and all is downloading without any delay (even it's not as fast as I wants) This version has the update process fixed, thanks!
  6. After the update all my downloaded notes have gone. Why? I try to download them. I have reset all folders needed to synch, and the synch process stops after two minutes, downloads only a dozen notes or perhaps one hundred. I need to download thousands and this will take... until next update breaks the stored notes one more time. Please, If you release on the App Store, don't forget to put a sign indicating all those issues so we can skip the update until we see all is working as expected. I need a lot of notes on my iPad because I'm away and off-line most of the time now and I need to access to saved documents.
  7. I have a fast connection at home. To download one of my servers takes an hour for some Tbyte data. All my notes doesn't fill my iPad and after one night of syncing I have no notes and now i'll try to sync and no notes are downloaded. There s a workaround that I've tried for a notebook: unmark off-line mode and mark it again. But this is the second time that I need to download all notes after a new release.
  8. After the update all my offline notes have vanished from my iPad I try to uodate and them don't download The desktops are on beta versions (windows and Mac) because heya re always connected and I have the option to go to the web. The iPad it's most of the time off-line and I need many folders accessible off-line. On the iPhoen the off-line notes are less in number and I haven't noticed. The iOs versions are not the best place to betatest.
  9. I agree, the simplified formatting it's the right mode, and allows the use the iPad for edition of saved pages. We need it back! We'll wait, and if you can there is something needed: to select two or more notes and combine them like in the windows and mac versions.
  10. But as my work was done when offline and the sync process was not completed I understand that all my work is lost.
  11. I have the same problem. As I have many notes pending to update as the iPad was out of connection and I was working on it, if I dleete the app all my work is lost. I understand that if i delete the app, all notes are deleted too There is another workaround?
  12. I'm new with Skitch and i have the same problem. The only use avaiñable on my iPad is to copy to the clipboard and paste on the new note.
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