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  1. notes on the server will automatically sync down to PC if you use exactly the same id and password to login to both for web and installed version from evernote installed on your pc. be sure to log out of both versions before signin in agin - for installed version click "file" on main menu. then logout. sorry I couldn't find an easy way to logout of the web version.
  2. evernote server has 520 notes from my pc. my pc crashed and I had to reinstall evernote. so how do I get copies of my 520 notes back to my PC? I'm a premium member thank you member id KinnMirr
  3. I had a System crash. reinstalled windows 10. then Reinstalled Evernote Windows When I go to www.evernote.com. all my notes exist on that website How do copy all my notes from your website to my PC? P.S. I've been a PREMIUM member for awhile. Fred Austin, Texas
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