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  1. Hi there @Matt W. I'm using the Google Keyboard English UK which is the default keyboard for my phone. I have no idea how I would go about switching to another keyboard... The problems must be associated with the upgrade to Plus (and subsequent version upgrade) as I didn't have this problem previously and I have not altered any other settings on the phone.
  2. Thanks, Dave. It really is a mess! And soooo annoying as I'm not getting any proper work done while on the move. I've amended my original post.
  3. I upgraded to Evernote Plus yesterday. I use my android phone a lot for note taking. Since the upgrade, double tapping the space bar no longer adds a period/full stop. Also, if I type something incorrectly and use the backspace to delete it, it will delete the first couple of letters and then randomly copy the remainder of the word and paste it several times. So it ends up looking something like this: This is what I want to delete. This is what it becomes>>> This is what I want to deletetetetetetetetetetetetete The cursor also doesn't behave properly and doesn
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