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  1. Ah, thanks much DTLow. So, I assume that version 11 beta 2 uploaded whatever it managed to upload before I used up my monthly usage, and now I am in a state of some of my notes being online, the rest offline. Anyway, it is a bit of a mess. Safest thing to do is remove (what should be local) notebooks on the web-interface and restore my local notebooks from the backup (enex files). Thanks your help.
  2. So, I followed your advice (ie. backed up my Evenote notebooks as enex files in order to be able to downgrade to the stable 10 release, removed the 11 beta 2 version, and installed the stable 10). I start Evernote and enter my credentials, and notice that Evernote starts downloading my ~1,000 notes that used to live in *LOCAL* notebooks from the cloud (transferred there by the beta because of the bug). I thought that I should let it finish and then move the notes to newly created local notebooks with Evernote 10. Except that it has now used up my (free) 60 MB monthly usage and only a fraction of the notebooks has been transferred. And I can't do anything for another 24 days, I am told. What a mess.
  3. Well, the problem is that I have mostly local notebooks, and it is those that I am trying to stop from being synced to the cloud.
  4. I am also affected by the bug of local notebooks being synced. There is no way to stop this. I tried downgrading to 6.10 and 6.11 beta 1, but am told that these versions are not able to read my notebooks (which I guess have been converted into a newer 6.11 beta 2 - compatible format). Could EN maybe comment on how quickly they can release a version that will stop the sync-ing of local notebooks?
  5. Thank you very much for the prompt response. Ok, will be downgrading to a stable version, and report back if I am still having problems. --Christos
  6. Hi, I am on Basic, and use Evernote mostly with local notebooks (hosted on my Mac laptop) with a smaller number of notebooks on a non-local folder, which I want synced to my Android phone. I started getting notifications earlier this week that my monthly usage has been used up, which I did not understand, since I had not been using my "online" folder for creating new notebooks. Then I noticed that hundreds of my notes from my local notebooks have been transferred to my phone. My Evernote on my Mac laptop claims these notes all live in "local notebooks", however they have been transferred on my Android phone. I have no idea how this got activated (I certainly did not choose it), and it is not clear to me how to stop it. Any hints? Using Evernote 6.11 Beta 2 on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Beta, and Evernote on Android 6.0.1. With many thanks, --Christos
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