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  1. Application freexes when I am chaninging keyboard layout (Alt+Shift). Need to go in Task Manager and kill the application.
  2. By the way, I am using Firefox including latest Nightly Builds and Evernote extension works for me.
  3. The same issue. It will be fine if Evernote add ability to backup all cloud data without full content in the local database. Right now I have two separate installation of Evernote: one with 'sync on demand' to keep the database small and Evernote fast; and second installation with full local database to create backups.
  4. I created new empty note right now. And copy/paste text from Chrome browser (link in the screenshot) to second and third line in the table.
  5. And one more: I can not resize the first column of the table. I have attached screenshot and enex file. Docker containers I use.enex
  6. And another one observation/bug: I cannot create code block in the table cell.
  7. May be it appeared in the previous releases, but it looks like a bug: Create a new note Insert to it a link to another note (just ctrl-v) using default font Change default font is the application settings and restart the application All text was changed to new selected font except font in the link.
  8. I thing it is the same menu. I am using non-english localization and translate it in English by myself. But this feature works for me.
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