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  1. I got an email from Evernote.com stating something about a password reset, in German. I didn't request a password reset and my profile is in English. What should I do about this?
  2. I know your comment was meant to be rhetorical... Maybe it is just me, but I just assumed that people that find value in organising their data through better titles, tags, etc., would also be pedantic in their use of mix case. All this "confusion" could have been avoided if the program just realised that I might want to rename the item to its "original" name and that I should be allowed to do so.
  3. I would like to rename my tag from e.g. "TAg name" to "Tag name", but the software tells me I can't do it, because the tag already exists. It doesn't unless you count the two examples as the same thing. Is there a way to bypass this problem?
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