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  1. Yes that's an option but not for those of us who really like Evernote and rely on it heavily for business. I've changed my encryption level until they figure this out, pain in the neck.
  2. I just submitted a ticket about this same issue. Fortunately I have a script that automatically encrypts and pw protects using PDF Pen Pro so altering the script to use AES128 is not time consuming. However, I prefer AES256 and also all the hundreds of files I've encrypted at that level are now unusable on my iPad and iPhone. I hope they resolve this issue quickly. If you have this problem please submit a ticket. Maybe that will move things along.
  3. Perfect, that's a great workaround. Thanks for the quick reply and for resolving my issue.
  4. I used to be able to set pdf as default doc type in settings and save both single and multiple pages as pdf. This is important for me as I send from scannable through my pdf program to encrypt and password protect. I got a new iPhone and downloaded the Scannable app but although I have pdf set as default, it will only scan single pages as png. I've deleted and reinstalled the app but cannot get it to save single pages as pdf.
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