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  1. I think this is disingenuous in the Context FAQ: Is this advertising? No. Evernote does not get paid based on the number of views or clicks. We have no financial incentive to show any articles or other content. We only show things that we think are useful to our users. We don’t share user account information with our partners and we allow users to determine which Context sources they want to see, or to turn the feature off completely. How does Evernote make money from Context? Evernote makes money by providing products and features end users are happy to pay for. We think Context is a powerful feature that will help people do their best, most informed work. It’s one of several features that people enjoy when they sign up for Evernote Premium or Evernote Business. I get "links" (but not ads somehow?) to outside content providers unsolicited, but it's not ads? No money is changing hands? And that "How does Evernote make money" bit doesn't actually answer the implied question, which is how do you make money from context if it's not ads and no info is shared? At least we can turn it off (for now...)
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