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  1. This is the usual PR stuff. With the CLOUD Act the USA gives itself the permission to access data even if it's stored in the EU, when the data is stored by an US company. They don't care about GDPR. Yes, Google servers are located worldwide, but in many countries there are local companies with local datacenters. Once Microsoft had a cloud with servers located only in Germany. Yes, I feel better with hosting my stuff. It's not rocket science anymore. Most of the tasks can be autmated. I'm just a small target with a small value for hackers. But EN with all the data from thousends of users is a more valuable target. And I'm independent from ENs pricing surprise like in 2016.
  2. Sorry guys, I don't care anymore. I'm corrently running a Nextcloud instance on my Raspberry Pi 4 with a note app. And if it doesn't fit my requirements, I will try joplin. I'm done with EN.
  3. Sorry, can't quote. This is a log from my device. Yes, this is a cloud based service, but what have accountkit, google-analytics or facebook to do with that? There should be only urls from evernote.
  4. I realized, that even the android app seems to track my actions, even if I have Evernote Plus (I think, if I pay, the app should not track me). Why does Evernote track my actions and how can I disable this?
  5. Yes, it helps. But it's not the solution. I would like this feature, if it would work.
  6. It could be useful if the user can define some profiles or presets for web clipper. I often have clippings with the same settings (Notebook, Keywords, ...) and I have to set this settings everytime by hand. If I can define some presets for this, I only have to choose one of this presets while I'm clipping and it's done.
  7. EN should offer a encryption like Apple on iPhones. Even Apple can't read their customers data.
  8. This is a disaster!!!! There are so many useful feature request in the forum and Evernote wants to spying us. How about finally fixing the issues of the Web Clipper first? We can write support requests as a note in our Evernote client in the future. Maybe Evernote will react faster.
  9. The only solution, that works for me is to downgrade to 6.2. This "old" version works as I expect. I hope Evernote will fix the massive issues, that occurred with 6.9.3.
  10. Ah, ok. looks a little bit strange. That's not exactly, what I wanted, but I will try.
  11. That goes in the direction, I would like to use. But it have to be easier. And I think, this only works in de Windows-Client (maybe on Mac too). But not in Android or iOS. I know that. But in this case you have to know, which tags you have.
  12. I tried it with the tag "red" and "rot" (the german word for red), but the note looks like any other note in the list.
  13. Only categorization is not my idea. I would like to make single notes to stand out in the list. For example I could define the colors as priorities. Red is very important, yellow important and green normal. Yes, I can do this with tags, but they would all look the same in the list.
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