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  1. Thanks for your interest DTLow, and thank you Gazumped for clarifying my request. My goal was to see if there is a practical workaround to the EN editor change. I cannot find one that is nearly as convenient or productive as the feature I relied on. Evernote, if you're listening, please bring back the handwriting to text conversion for notes. For quick reference, here is one of the original threads on the subject.
  2. Thank you DTLow for your reply. I saw that feature, but was hoping that there was, for me, another more practical solution. Like a number of people on this forum I am a user of the S-Pen and a fan of the way my writing was turned into text, which was searchable. Now that this option has been turned off (I'm concerned it's not a temporary oversight), I'm struggling to achieve the same functionality and productivity. Thanks again.
  3. Hello How can I search *within* handwritten notes? I've been using EN for about a year, mostly to take handwritten notes at work during the day, and for course work in the evenings. My notes are written with a stylus on my Samsung 12.2 Pro directly into EN. Does EN have a feature by which I can search within the notes? Practically, I don't think I'd make the time to regularly export notes to another format like pdf or jpg, to have the search function - I'm asking if this feature exists within the handwriting format. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your consideration and help.
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