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  1. How to open in a new window form command line? Start ->run ->Paste Internal Link ->ENTER
  2. Would you consider add an input form on top of note list to quickly create a new note, in this style, it can replace a lot of to-do apps.
  3. Once I change the view it's for all note books, every note book should have it's own view setting for specific needs.
  4. Yes, Code Block section should to keep the entries free from any text formatting inside the BLOCK, but I think it should could be copy or paste or align as a whole just like a embeded image in evernote. I can make a indented code block by first insert a indention then insert a code block right after it, but if I insert the code block first then try to indent the whole block, it will fall into multiple blocks for every line in the original block. I think this one-way indent approach is not so consisitent.
  5. It will help to organize content in this fashion:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/106377-need-indent-for-horizontal-line-back
  6. After trying to indent a code block, every line become seperated block.
  7. Hello, I wandering how did you archieve this, since the line is not seletable, I try to select all of the note then press ctrl+m, only text was indented, my version is Evernote_6.5.4.4720 Edit: looks like the Evernote_6.6.1.5097 have support this, thank you for you guide!
  8. I can do this in evernote 5.x but 6.x not. This make content orgnised clearly. There is no indents for horizontal line allowed any more in 6.x.
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