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  1. There's the before & after. That has happened to me, I don't know, 25 times, in the past week or two. Here it is copy-pasted into another note: http://www.evernote.com/l/AKiJ6qcdOvZJsIMrHe585CM5qb6Wp9-IbQc/. I am typically hitting the shortcut keys to make a formatted list (ctrl + shift + O/B), then tabbing to get to the level I want.
  2. This release has made Evernote unusable. First, the bug that changes font size all the time, then the extra whitespace on every note, and now my formatting is disappearing daily. I have lists with ~50 items, with various levels of nesting underneath, and they keep getting collapsed to one level. I can't read my to-do list anymore, and I have to use another app. I have spent way too much time reformatting notes, only to have have their format disappear every few hours. Let me know if those issues get fixed. Until then, I'm switching apps, after happily using Evernote for five years.
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