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  1. Hey Lamborgini, I am facing the same 'issue'. Also trying to get everything into Evernote to avoid having to think which platform I used to store a particular piece of information. I also use (and probably many others in this community) Day One as personal Journal. The funny thing is that I noticed your previous topic about consolidating information from 1Password into Evernote as well. Therefore I believe you are already getting the answer to your own question. I am considering to import my notes from Day One into Evernote. If i need to isolate the contents from the rest I can also create a "Journal" notebook or anything. Yes. DayOne has a better interface for this usage, but for me the standard capabilities within Evernote are sufficient (and many search options, that come standard in DayOne, can be easily reproduced with some tags, and search capabilities in Evernote). As DayOne is now moving into a subscription based it makes no sense for me to pay for 2 services that have 80% overlap when I look at the way I am using DayOne for.. Perhaps this makes the decision a bit easier :-)
  2. Thanks for the detailed info csihilling. I will.play around with it. Sure the issue will be addressed soon.
  3. Thanks for your remark about the mac. Unfortunately I only have windows and have been waiting for changing the table layout for a long time now. The scrollable term is a bit difficult to explain ? I included a screenshot of one of my templates. After the first table you see a horizontal scrolling bar, just about the separation bar. You also see that the table is not complete on both sides, but this is because I made the screenshot while scrolling from left to right. This way the table is not cropped into my screen which has a much better view then if all columns are cropped within the screen size. I hope Ike this makes sense.
  4. Great update! I just noticed in the iPad version that the tables are not 'scrollable'. That avoid cropping things in the screen. It would be great to include this capability into the iOS version for iPhones. with the windows 6.6 beta release out, I see a lot of benefits using tables in my notes. Any plans on bringing these scrollable tables into the iPhone iOS version?
  5. Looks good! I tested the image rotation and resizing and works good. However I did notice that undo/redo did not work to reverse an image change. Is this correct? Have also tested the quick text features to add bullets, etc. and it works perfectly. I also noticed the visual improvements. Very nice. There are a couple of suggestions for (near) future versions: Can you also build a quick text feature forI would encourage text styles (such as headers, standard font styles) and table styles (such as colors, line thickness, etc.)I would recomment a feature to use templates (e.g. standard texts or copying existing notes into templates)If not present, make sure image adjustement can be reversed using undo/redo All looks well! Keep up the great work! Cheers, Michael
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