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  1. Hi there, I've tried to repro this issue and could locate few sources (specific websites) from where the wrapping fails on all iPad, iPhone and Mac client presentation modes. But we have not been able to repro issue only on iPad for this. Can you please provide more info for the problem so we can continue the investigation: - from where do you copy content to the note - in which client you create this note - can you provide a screenshot of the problem - which version of iOS EN client are you using and what is the OS on your iPad - if you create the note using Mac client, what is the version of the Mac client you use and which OS you have Thanks for helping in advance! I create all my files in the Mac version of Evernote. I copy the content from multiple places (multiple websites, Logos Bible Software, Microsoft Word, Pages, etc.). I always get the problem. When I copy on the Mac, I use the shift+Command+paste to maintain the formatting of the note. All of my devices are completely updated. I have created screenshots and named them accordingly. You will see that content looks accurate in Mac (regular mode and present mode), looks off somewhat in iPhone present mode and completely off in iPad present mode.
  2. The issue is text wrapping. Any text copied into note does not wrap. It wraps in regular mode. It wraps in iPhone presentation mode. It wraps in Mac presentation mode. Also, this issue only started earlier in 2015. It is a bug. Please fix it.
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