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  1. Thank you so much! This was a local notebook. I moved everything into a new notebook, and it is syncing nicely with my phone!
  2. Thanks, DTLow, As what a Local Notebook is described as, that is exactly to experience that I am having. I, however, did not ever intentionally set this notebook up as local. Maybe it happened by mistake? When I read the description that you included, it says that these local notebooks cannot be reversed. How do I check to see if the notebook was set up as local? If it is in fact a local notebook, is the only that I have to make a new notebook and copy and past 195 notes into the new notebook. That would take a lot of time, is there any other option? Thanks! Dominic
  3. I am not sure what a local notebook is. Can you explain?
  4. Hi gazumped and csihilling, Thank you for asking for clarification. I am missing a whole notebook with 195 notes. This notebook appears on my macbook but does not appear on my android. Does that help clarify? Dominic
  5. Thanks David_Low! I found the problem with the search box and new note icon! This has been driving me nuts for months. All I had to do was select "Show Toolbar" from the View menu. So simple! Thanks so much for helping me! As for the Android app, let me explain a little more of what I do see: When I open the app, I have an option to tap on "All Notes" in the top left corner. This pulls up 6 main categories Work Chat All Notes (highlighted green) Notebooks Tags Shortcuts (underneath there are sub categories that I have set up) Explore
  6. Hello, I have three concerns that I cannot figure out: On my Android, all my Notebooks do not show up. As a matter of fact I don't even have access to some of my notebooks even if I search for them On my Mac, I can create a new note, but do this I have to go to File. I do not have an icon that allows me to directly click on and create a note One my Mac, I cannot find how to search for items in Evernote. Thank you. Dominic
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