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  1. Hi, I'm also running into this issue. I can select a particular piece of text, and if I say "clear formatting," it deletes the formatting of the entire surrounding paragraph as well. This is a bug. Evernote is literally the only program in the ENTIRE WORLD that behaves this way—there is NO other program that, when told to remove formatting from a selected region, decides to expand the region and clear formatting. As an example, imagine you were using Microsoft Word, and you decided to make a word bold. You would probably be quite surprised and annoyed if Word made your entire paragraph bold too! But of course, Word does not behave this way. Neither does any other program. I would love to see "clear formatting" either work on the selection, or for Evernote to pop up a dialog box saying "Unfortunately, you cannot clear the selection on this text. Please purchase a separate program, paste your text into that program, and then copy the text from there back into Evernote."
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