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  1. I have my Evernote sort set to Recently Updated, but each time I open the app, it is now scrolling all the way down to the first note I created and I have to scroll all the way up to the top. Not sure what is causing this. I am also having problems with the keyboard typing decimal points and $ in place of numbers, so it will repeat a decimal point after a point- $3.66 becomes $3..6. I am mentioning it here in case there is a connection, but have found this topic in another discussion in the community, so asked for assistance there. Thanks for any help you can provide in advance! (I have a Samsung 6 Android v6.0.1, current version of Evernote. Also, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app.)
  2. I am having this same problem with Evernote on my Samsung 6, Android v6.0.1. (Just started a couple of days ago) Just now, I uninstalled, then re-installed Evernote. I did try Toastslayer's suggestion to turn off Predictive Text, which worked, but I do not want to turn it off for convenience sake. In some cases, numbers are turned into decimal points, for example $3.66 turns into $3..6. In other cases, numbers turn into the $ sign, so $3.66 becomes $$..6 Separately, each time I open Evernote, it scrolls down to the bottom of my notes instead of showing the most recently edited, which is at the top. I will start a separate entry for this problem. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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