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  1. yes, "sometimes" it works. I have been using Evernote Business since 2015. I don't mean it's not good to update the latest version. But in the very very beginning, I love Evernote so much because of this simplicity & simplifying format function. I really hope this function works all the time. A good point you've mentioned is removing format in tables, I hope this format removing function could also apply in removing table format too. Now, when I remove formatting for the whole table, there would be a new strange cell exist in the bottom of the table.
  2. Why Command + Shift + F (Simplifying Format) is still not work in recent update? I love evernote because of the simplicity, user-friendly, consistent format. How come when I pasting word from anywhere online, applying the Simplifying format Function, they are still kept like where it from. This is really upset me since last beta version. I wish to go back 1 year ago for this function.
  3. Hey there! I used to use Evernote becoz the simplicity of all layout. But seems new best version can't use the simplify formatting well?? I usually paste and have a simplify formatting back to Helvetica font size:14, but now seems not. Is that a bug or you guys updated on simplify formatting?? ps: appreciate on updating the table function. Well done!!
  4. i used to screen cap with the quick button on status menu, but i can't use start from yesterday. I tried deleted Evernote and re-installed. But still didn't work it out. May I know the solution? Thanks!
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