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  1. I got the chars that is causing de problema is the "newline and carriage return" chars. Even if I select the text char by char, when i copy the text to the clipboard, Evernote is adding they: Evernote Notepad++ I even tried to add 4 spaces at ending of the line, but still, when i copy (selecting only 2, to avoid the end of line), CR/LF is there. I think is a bug too. But I´m not a paid user, so i can´t report. I tried twitter, let´s see... Anyone here has a paid account and can report this? Thanks everyone!
  2. Thank you for the tip. But is not the same. Important to say that in my path there is no special character or letters with accents like á ç ã. Not even spaces. My development tree is all lowercase, no spaces, and clean as possible. like instead of use "produção" (production) we use "producao" to avoid charset issues.
  3. It´s not a link. It´s only text. Previous version for windows desktop used to convert file paths into links. But this feature was removed sometime (months) ago.
  4. I'm used to use Evernote to save the list of file I'm working on to create a deploy script after the job is done. Like this: Since last update of the desktop app (i´m using the latest now: when I copy the path and paste into an "Open File Dialog", it does not recognize it. It´s like there is a non printable character at the content of the clipboard value. "O nome do arquivo não é válido" is "File name is invalid" in portuguese. There is anyone else with the same issue? I already tries to clean the format, but didn't work.
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