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  1. Dear work chat developers , are you guys working on it ??? else, please share more with us about your improvement on workchat features..... I am really looking forward to see this happen in before Christmas ... then, it would be a great Christmas gift of the year 2015​ ​ ​
  2. When ? i have noticed that the work chat developer last login was Aug 2015 .. is he/she being fired ?? i really wondering how fast is the respond by EVERNote staff
  3. HI, mcheng Please add a "recall" or "remove" message in work chat as Line app , Skype app this is a very useful function.... thanks goh
  4. HI, Window, PC, Pro version my problem is I wish to make a unique work chat in every different task/topics but its cant allow me to create a second chat with same people currently, when I open work chat, it always show the same one and all the messages were in 1 work chat only. Its makes me hard to find back what I have discussed regarding the topics i have in my Evernote if all the messages were in 1 chat. I do hope there is a "Recall" messages function in work chat to make it better because sometime, people will send wrong thing or to wrong people. Looking for your great help. Thanks Goh
  5. Hi, all evernote experts, I have some questions below, can anyone tell me how to do ? 1.) how to create many multiple work chat with a same evernote user ? I prefer to have different work chat in different task/note we are going to discuss. 2.) How to recall a message if i sent wrongly. this feature can be seen in Korea IM apps 'LINE" I looking forward to yours reply. thanks Goh
  6. Need help! How can I create multiple work chat with same person ? as i need to have a individual work chat with this person according to the different task assigned. So that , we i check back to task/note then i will know what are the content we discussed easily.
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