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  1. I still want the systray *app* to be disabled and am thankful to be able to disable it. Thank you, Eii, for the info. When the time comes to uninstall, I can simply delete the empty pseudo-file that I created and return the filename of the original file to its original name.
  2. That is exactly why toggle control should be allowed in Options. I am okay with it being on by default, but I want to turn it off.
  3. Eii, thank you! That worked great. EdH, auto-sync still works. The main problem here is not the "icon", but the extra "app" to which the icon belongs. Sorry if I was not clear on this. Systray icons typically belong to a separate app/process from the app's main process. Therefore, merely hiding the icon does not achieve the goal. In order to allow revert back to original operation in case of causing app errors... Instead of deleting "EvernoteTray.exe", I renamed it to "EvernoteTray_DISABLED.exe", then created the text file and renamed it as Eii had suggested. Seems to
  4. That is unacceptable. There should be an option to disable it. I always have all icons showing.
  5. I do not want a system tray app/icon; it seems to be bloatware and clutters up my system tray. I did not see how to disable this in the Options. Please add an-easy-to-find checkbox in Options to disable the system tray app/process/icon thing.
  6. Hello, I am using Windows, not Mac. There are no Evernote add-ons listed in my Firefox. The offending process is EvernoteClipper.exe
  7. I do not want the Clipper. I have no use for it, yet it continues to run after I have closed Evernote. There should be a way to completely disable the Clipper via the Options menu, so that it never runs. It is ok for it to be "on" by default upon installation, but users should have the option to completely disable it. Maybe a better thing would be an "Enable" checkbox that is checked by default upon installation. Users could then uncheck the box. This is really ticking me off.
  8. Hello, EvernoteClipper is making me angry because there seems no way to control it and it uses resources on my fairly old computer. There is no way to turn off the Clipper in the Options. The process always runs, even when I exit Evernote. I am sick of having to end the process manually via Task Manager. I do not use the Clipper. I do not want the Clipper. Is there some way to delete the Clipper without making Evernote crash?
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