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  1. 1. TechBarber may have been refering to his memory, eg. to remembering to anticipate and swoop file to/from the designated "offline notebook". My brain also does not have the memory of an elephant ;-) 2. Word of caution regarding storing on SD card on phones, at least based experiences both my girlfriend and I have had. 2a. SD cards can and have failed, blocking or corrupting access to or syncing of content on that card. 2a.1 (On a related note, I'm not a techy, but if EN was syncing to an SD card when you have online acces and that card blows-up, might that corrupt
  2. Thread topic is "How to: Suggest/Vote for Ideas and Feature Requests!", but I did not see explanation of "How to suggest" an idea if search of existing ideas did not find similar requests. Please add the "how to suggest" info or change the topic to only "how to vote...."
  3. Has this "Save to Contacts switch" been removed. I am not finding it in EN on the Android device? It only allows me to select a default EN Notebook into which scanned cards will be saved. (I have a "Contacts" notebook in EN, but don't recall if I created that folder or if it was pre-loaded with EN.)
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