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  1. csihilling, Thanks! That makes sense and should help. mlu, can you elaborate on how you repaired MS Office and how it helped?
  2. Thanks. I agree. Since my original note, I've continued to play-around with ways to work around this version issues, with some progress, though not conclusive, yet. To avoid having to use the old version of excel, I was able to download the file from the EN note and upload it to my Microsoft OneDrive (Cloud). Once on OneDrive, I appear to be able to edit it using Excel Online (an app available from within OneDrive and that I also presume is closer to being a most current version of excel. Unfortunately, I don't yet see how to add the attachment (with a new name or the same name) from OneDrive to the EN note. Therefore, I may have to download it to my hard drive before attaching to the EN note. Though clumsy, this may work in my particular case while I wait for my repaired laptop with Excel 2013. However, in the interest helping more people in more scenarios, I have to wonder if I'm missing guidance on how my solution my be extended to apply to other scenarios when one does not have access to their personal PC and normal version of Excel. For example, when traveling and using a hotel or friends PC, phone or tablet to access EN Online and need to be able to open and edit various file types with cloud- or web-based applications, like OneDrive and Excel Online, to avoid using friend's or hotel's local application versions and drives. Thoughts? Insights on working more efficiently with web-based applications to edit attachments, if that is an option?
  3. I have the same/similar issues, though perhaps with some different specifics. Normally: I am able to open Excel file from a note, by double-clicking the file icon in the EN note, make changes and hit Save or close the note, selecting Save Changes when prompted. No problem. This works both on my PC, running Windows 10 and Office 2013 Pro Plus and Evernote app on my PC, AND on my Android phone, running Android 5.0 and using a paid version of Docs to Go app to open and edit the Excel file from the Evernote App on my phone. Today/Issue: My laptop is at the shop (grrr), so I'm using my old laptop, running Windows 10, Evernote app and Excel 2003. When I try to open the same file from the same EN note, the file named EN.xlsx opens with a name similar to "EN[3].xlsx [read-only]". (Note, when testing this again for this comment, I received a pop-up warning that the file was opened as read-only since created in a newer version of Excel and some conditional formatting is not supported in the older version of Excel that I am using. I did not get this message earlier today.) As mlu indicated, I am not able to edit the file and save it back to the note without, I assume, saving to my hard drive with a new name, deleting the original attachment and uploading the newly named file to the note. This is very annoying. csihilling, or anyone else, I'm glad you don't have the same issue, though that is as helpful as when my girlfriend says the same thing when other things don't work as I hoped at home. Can you offer some constructive suggestions on how to work around this issue more effectively than I assumed, above?
  4. 1. TechBarber may have been refering to his memory, eg. to remembering to anticipate and swoop file to/from the designated "offline notebook". My brain also does not have the memory of an elephant ;-) 2. Word of caution regarding storing on SD card on phones, at least based experiences both my girlfriend and I have had. 2a. SD cards can and have failed, blocking or corrupting access to or syncing of content on that card. 2a.1 (On a related note, I'm not a techy, but if EN was syncing to an SD card when you have online acces and that card blows-up, might that corrupt the logs and data needed for EN to compete the first sync after the storage directories are lost or replaced. E.g. If EN compares file name, save date, size or other data to logged data from previous sync or the Master version of a file to determine if either file has changed and if or how to back sync, could it get fatally confused if either file or destination is corrupted? ) (I'm a bit like TechBarb 2a.2 I'm a bit like Techbarber, in that I am freakishly over-zealous about data integrity, control and security (not to suggest Techbarber as extreme as I am). Therefore, I don't trust most sync software and prefer to manually create my own back-ups, in multiple locations and in father-grandfather-greatgrandfather structures. I also hate to need to access something and not be able to do so, especially since that tends to happen when you need it most. 2b. I believe most auto-back-ups of mobile devices (e.g. verizon cloud, icloud?, Samsung cloud, etc.) may only back-up device storage (and perhaps only certain folders) and nothing on the SD card.
  5. Issue is relevant, whether for 10 years or 10 minutes. We need to be able to open and use EN and edit files with no internet access, period! (Note, this should apply regardless of if EN was open or logged-in when we shut down the computer or lost our internet connection. (Current states: "To access these notes while offline, make sure that you're already signed in to the app before you disconnect from the internet." It is not uncommon that the need to access files occurs while I don't have access to internet and when I did not have the foresight to have signed-in before I shut down or otherwise lost access. Like it or not internet access is still not omnipresent or reliable and, therefore, critcal productivity tools, like EN, cannot be dependant in any way on such access, especially if you want us become dependant or otherwise select EN as our preferred tool.
  6. Thread topic is "How to: Suggest/Vote for Ideas and Feature Requests!", but I did not see explanation of "How to suggest" an idea if search of existing ideas did not find similar requests. Please add the "how to suggest" info or change the topic to only "how to vote...."
  7. Has this "Save to Contacts switch" been removed. I am not finding it in EN on the Android device? It only allows me to select a default EN Notebook into which scanned cards will be saved. (I have a "Contacts" notebook in EN, but don't recall if I created that folder or if it was pre-loaded with EN.)
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