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  1. I hope the Evernote team will enable scripting functionality sometime in the future, though I don't have any details. I'll keep this thread updated if I get any. Also, I'm currently researching a way to access the data by connecting directly to the Evernote Cloud API that is currently the recommended method of third-party interaction. In that case we won't need to rely on installed application or the internal database. It may be a big effort though as it will require significant reworking of the application.
  2. Backupery for Evernote users, please note, our app does not support Evernote 10 and above yet. To continue using Backupery for Evernote, please use Evernote 6.25.1 and under. We're sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. Denis from Backupery is here just to confirm that the latest changes in Evernote doesn't affect current workflow of the Backupery app. As already mentioned by Jefito and other members it seems the enex splitting option doesn't affect ENScript export now (Backupery for Evernote uses ENScript internally to make backups).
  4. May I ask if ENScript.exe on Windows also splits enex files? We've made several tests and didn't find any difference in behavior compared to the previous version of ENScript.
  5. Hello, New release of Backupery for Evernote is here. What's new: Backup retention policy (allows to set how many backup snapshots the app keeps on a backup destination) Ability to set time of a day when backup is scheduled Manual backup mode. It allows to perform backups manually when needed without being tied to a specific backup schedule Ability to cancel running backup Added support for official Evernote client installed from Microsoft Store (applicable for Windows edition) Works similar for Windows and Mac Lots of bugs were fixed M
  6. Thanks for your assistance! Got it. Will fix that for the next release. It looks interesting! I didn't know about this feature of Evernote client. Saving single EXB file looks much more simple than exporting a whole account to ENEX. It's something I should research thoroughly. Thanks for pointing me to this direction.
  7. Yes, you are right, there is no note ID information inside the ENEX export. What I'm thinking about is to read database in order to find ID of the exported note. It seems we have enough information in ENEX file at the export time to find out the ID of the note. Then we should store it somewhere just to be able to track the changes further. Basically it's a theoretical idea so I'll do some research. Thanks so much for the feedback. I've reviewed it carefully and took much of it into consideration. Actually the feedback is so essential since it is based on what a real user feel is impo
  8. Thank you very much for your comments! We're currently working on the retention policy feature, hope it will be available soon. Basically it will work the following way - a user sets the maximum number of backup sets that the tool should retain so the obsolete backup files are deleted automatically. You are absolutely right. Currently the tool doesn't provide an import option so users have to roll their own import routine based on Full or Incremental backup types. If we are talking about full backups the import process basically looks clear, except the p
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Yes, it was a problem with ENScript.exe tool on Windows that led to sporadic hang of the export process for large notebooks. I hope the issue is gone now but I'm still observing export logs in my test lab just to be informed if the problem occurs again.
  10. Thanks for the information. Yes, probably a very large file is the reason of the problem so the system just can't handle it correctly and import fails. I've just thought that since an ENEX file is basically an XML file so it can be broken up into small parts (other ENEX files) automatically during export process. In this case restoration would be a little more complicated (we would need to import several ENEX files instead of large one), but I think it's worth the efforts. What do you think on this?
  11. We haven't experienced any issues restoring a notebook from an ENEX file. Probably the notebooks weren't large enough though. Just for our records - may I ask what the platform (Windows or Mac) was and the rough size of the notebook was?
  12. Hi gazumped, I'm sorry for not following-up on this. The export hang issue took much time since we can't reproduce the issue in our lab and so base our research on responses from our users who stumbles upon the problem. As for now, we haven't experienced the issue since Evernote (at the time of writing the current version is (307027)) so I hope the issue is gone. However, I'll continue our observation and will research it further if necessary. As for slowing laptop too much - I can confirm it's really the issue now, so the next version of the app will have a fix
  13. You may also want try Backupery for Evernote tool: https://www.backupery.com/products/backupery-for-evernote/ One of the export formats the app provides is ENEX so the notes can be easily imported back if necessary. However, please note, the app gravitates towards to notebook-oriented export rather than individual note-oriented export so if you need to restore a particular note, you have to restore (at least temporary) the whole notebook which contains this note.
  14. Have you checked Evernote Web? If you haven't synced your Evernote Windows app then the note can be there.
  15. Just an update on the issue that may prevent a large notebook from backing up. (As you probably remember, some large notebooks can't be exported successfully with no apparent reason) I've got the reply from Evernote Team - they're aware of this issue and working on a fix to be scheduled in a future release, but they don't currently have an ETA for when it will be resolved. So, hope it will be fixed in the next release of Evernote client. Meanwhile, I'll try to create some kind of workaround for the issue.
  16. Hi gazumped! Thanks so much for checking out the tool and for your feedback. It works the following way for the incremental backup: if the app sees there is no previous notebook backup at all, then it makes full notebook backup, i.e. exports all the notes from the notebook. That is why the first incremental backup is actually the full one. If some previous notebook backup exists, then the app exports notes that were added or updated after the latest backup. Here is a quick example: Say I have a notebook called Notebook1 and run the app for the first time at the 1st of Ju
  17. Hi there! Hope someone from Evernote can help. We've discovered strange behavior of ENScript.exe tool. Sometimes during the export of notebooks ENScript.exe hangs with no apparent reason. The problem arises sporadically, so we still haven't found clear steps to reproduce the issue. Trying to run the same export after some time may or may not help. The problem arises on different machines and different Evernote clients. Command line is: ENScript.exe exportNotes /q "notebook:\"MyNotebook1\"" /f "C:\test1.enex" names of the notebook and enex file may differ, I've ju
  18. Hi there! Here is a quick update on the problem that leads some notebooks are skipped from the backup. As you probably know, at some step of backup process the app uses ENScript.exe (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php#enscript) tool to perform export of notebooks. We've discovered that the tool hangs sometimes exporting large notebooks (> 2GB) with no apparent reason. The problem arises sporadically, so we still haven't found clear steps to reproduce the issue, but I suppose this is because of some kind of notebook "locking" since trying to run the same export aft
  19. Hi Gazumped! Thanks so much for trying the tool, I really appreciate it. The feedback is very important for us, since it gives us fresh look on what confuses users and what should be improved. I've reproduced this problem in my lab and I'm currently working on it. For now I could say the app mistakenly skips some notebooks during the backup for some reason. I'll post here about the results. Thanks again for trying and providing such actionable feedback!
  20. Hi there! We've released a new version of Backupery for Evernote for Windows You may download it here: https://www.backupery.com/products/backupery-for-evernote/ Here are some updates: The ability to backup directly to Dropbox (without the need of an intermediate local directory): The ability to backup data in HTML format so you can easy to view your exported notes. You may setup multiple backup destinations now, so you can duplicate you backup data to your local drive and USB drive at once, for example.
  21. This is interesting. Thanks for the hint, will definitely look into it.
  22. I think yes, generally it is feasible since Evernote Client stores its data inside Sqlite database and the format of the database is well documented. However, problably the workflow will differ from those you have suggested, since as far as I know Evernote doesn't allow to modify the behavior of their official clients via third-party apps, so the steps 1 and 2 (User selects a Note in Evernote, User then asks for a Backupery restore) have to be accomplished in some other way. Probably it would be some third-party note browser just for purpose of restoring the note or notebook.
  23. Hi JMichaelTX, The restoration feature is on our roadmap, but for now I am not sure it doesn't clash with Evernote Premium note history feature so it will make our app violate Evernote third-party apps policy. I will research this and if we are allowed to add the feature, we should create this, I think it will make the app much more easy to use.
  24. Hi Tailspin, Sorry for the late reply and thanks for giving the app a try! Actually yes, the Windows version provides more capabilities than the Mac one. However, we are going to add more features to the Mac version to make it more flexible. Hmm, thanks for the note! We should definitely consider adding it. May I ask do you have any other issues besides you have already noted? Does everything work as expected?
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