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  1. WRZim has cogently expressed my concerns and experience. Thank you. I'm sorry, DTLow The most recent release on iOS 8.1 has reintroduced delays and lags, not solved them. Your argument that users have to wait until a .2 release is hollow, when you consider based on the release cycle, that means another month of poor performance. Referencing the new GUI a lot of the pain could have been avoided by giving users decent training videos on using it, rather than a short 'hurrah, this is wonderful' style video on launch. That missing training feels symptomatic of a company which refuses to fully consider and support its customer base. Like many others, I've deleted my 5* review and replaced with 1*, and feel mortified I've encouraged others to use Evernote.
  2. I upgraded to El Capitan this morning in the UK. Evernote opened, but then hung, displaying rainbow disc, on my iMac, purchased last week. It worked fine on my MacBook Pro (2012), which gave me the clue on how to resolve. I realised I downloaded Evernote on the iMac from the website. I removed the it (using Trashme) and re-installed from the App Store. So, I'm now running Version 6.1.1 (452254 App Store) and whilst it's still synchronising notes (I have hundreds), all my most recent versions are visible and editable.
  3. Upgraded to El Capitan this morning and Evernote for Mac no longer worked on recently purchase iMac. Opened OK and displays most recent notes, but when I click on it, I see the new version of the spinning rainbow disk. Have to Force Quit to close. Weirdly, after upgrading to El Capitan on MacBook Pro (mid 2012) Evernote worked fine, which gave me the clue on how to resolve. I realised I'd downloaded Evernote from the website onto the iMac. I removed it (using the Trashme app) and then installed from the App Store. Now on Version 6.1.1 (452254 App Store) That seems to work fine and is now chugging away downloading my notes.
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