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  1. Hi there, Just wanted to share a minor bug in Evernote for Windows Desktop (might be in other products as well). There is a Dutch language spelling mistake; see attached image. You can find it under "Beeld" and then it says "Sttusbalk", where it should say: "Statusbalk"
  2. Using Evernote on Windows 7 Enterprise. The steps I take: - I'm in my Inbox and press Ctrl + N - A new note is created with the selector already on the body - When I now press F2 the selector doesnt switch back to the Title bar :-( See; http://screencast.com/t/OxG7Ky1EFb
  3. Hey, Unfortunately using F2 doesnt jump back to the Title field on Evernote for Windows
  4. As I'm progressing in the usage of Evernote and getting smarter with the shortkeys I'm noticing a very irritating issue: When I use Ctrl + N to quickly create a new note, the insert pointer (where I can start typing) is not in the Title bar, but already in the text field of the note. One or two releases ago, you guys added the functionality to use Tab to go from Title to text field, which would be very very useful once I would start at the Title bar Sorry if this was already mentioned - I searched on the Forum but was unable to find it.
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