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  1. Could you please add to your "To Do" list of additional features the ability to have emails, that you have sent a copy of, end up in a cache storage for future use. It would be like or similar to the way that Outlook does a auto complete when you choose to add an email address. This would save time and create productivity. If you have more than one email to send, and or you frequently need to send emails of your notes it becomes very convenient. A true productivity feature. Right now, I waste toooo much time having to leave the Evernote app to go out and find the addresses of emails of people who are not directly connected to the Evernote app. Therefore, this would also be a sales feature introducing Evernote to people who don't have it. WOw! How can you not do this.
  2. I just wanted to express my hope and desire that Evernote will finally accept Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a fully integrated app.  The pop-up window is at least a better alternative than before, but still very inconvenient.
    I believe that research has proven that more and more people are using dictation as it becomes more precise.  That trend will likely continue.  It certainly is a more efficient way to save time and make life a little simpler.  Isn't that what Evernote is about??
    Being a notetaking program, and by the very nature of notes it is easier to dictate them into a good program than to type them.  I Hope you can get this addition in all the updated changes your putting on the list now for 2019/20

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