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  1. Nice. Now give us the option to encrypt everything. Stored and in transit (1Password has overtaken you!). And only decrypt in the client. I'm not interested in deep learned features based on my information. There's already an intelligence implemented in ny evernote workflow, and that one is paying you.
  2. Anyone have a suggestion how I can get a refund for my account? Evernote is clearly breaking promises so I should refund me.
  3. Referring to https://evernote.com/legal/data-protection.php this change in privacy policy breaks rule 1. If my data is mine, I get to decide who can see it. As there is no way to opt-out rule, so I get to decide on my data rule 1 is broken. Also rule 2 is broken. Everything you put in evernote is not private by default. Shame Evernote is doing this. I'm probably going to cancel.
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