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  1. I haven't gotten it sorted out. I don't use Evernote Windows desktop program, I only use Evernote in web browser or Android app, so I have not been able to find a way to change the default font.
  2. Well, the problem disappeared within a few days after my OP. Today it has returned. Yes, it is only a Chrome problem. But Evernote on Windows 7 apparently chooses Gotham as the default font. So although the font rendering is a Chrome problem, the font default is an Evernote issue. I wonder if I'll have any luck contacting Evernote support - will try now.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It spurred me on to a bit more investigation. I have never used Evernote desktop - what's the point, the web version has worked fine for me for many years. I have just discovered that the problem is exclusive to Chrome. When I view the same "defective" note in IE11 or Firefox, the Gotham Bold text is visible! Yesterday I only had a basic account, so I couldn't contact support. I did have a paid account but it expired a few days ago, and I couldn't figure out what it was good for. Now I am back on paid because basic limited me to two devices (a policy change that they evidently made during the last year). But there's no need for me to contact Evernote support, since it's clearly not their problem.
  4. Today, 5 january 2017, I suddenly see that a number of my notes have been reformatted. Each paragraph now has many leading spaces, where formerly there were none. The first few words appear to be deleted. Looking further, I find that apparently I was using Gotham with Bold in each of those empty spaces. If I select the blank space and change the font - or remove the bold - then the invisible text reappears. Mind you I never chose Gotham, it was just the default that was given to me when I created these notes! Here is an example: Power Manager for Windows 10: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-10/Power-Manager-for-Windows-10/td-p/2113645/page/10 What you see above is copy/paste from my note. But in my note the text Power Manager is blank! Gotham is not an available font when posting here, that's why you see the words.
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