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  1. Anyone know how to remove the new home screen from IOS. I am not a fan and prefer just to have my notes showing when I open the App
  2. Have just decided to revert back to Evernote Legacy (until it stops working). I did this because it is so much faster but then realised that I much preferred the search being inline with the notes. Not sure why they pulled the search out of the notes. Anyone else prefer the old way?
  3. Well exactly, the conclusion I have come to. The majority of my notes are mostly just text and I value speed of use over everything else.
  4. After 12 years on Evernote I have decided it is time to move on. It has the widest feature set of any comparable application but for me it fails and the most fundamental thing and that is finding a note quickly. Having tried both Apple Notes and Simplenote I can get to important notes in a fraction of the time it takes to open Evernote on IOS, and even on Windows. The wide feature set just seems to make it too slow.
  5. Hi, in the end I used the legacy application on Windows where the import and export seems more robust.
  6. Hi, the beta programme is useless. I am constantly getting emails asking to sign up for the beta programme for the various apps. I sign up and then never hear from them again. I raised this with support and they say they need testers with a large number of notes. I only have just over 1000. However, they know that before they send me the invite email. I have asked them to stop sending me invites if they are going to ignore me but they keep coming and they keep ignoring 😀
  7. Well not much point sorting out the underlying infrastructure if there are no customers left. The iOS app is just not fit for purpose in respect of note taking so my guess is that the majority of people use the iOS app to just retrieve notes. Otherwise their iOS customers would have left a long time ago.
  8. The new app seems to be many months late but I agree, I am waiting for the new app too. If the problem is not resolved then i will abandon Evernote. It is a shame that the forums are not read by Evernote staff otherwise someone would at least have said that the issue has been resolved for the new app.
  9. I raised this again via a ticket just recently but they completely ignored the point and just told me to join the beta programme which I did a year ago.
  10. This may all be true but I use Apple Notes, Simplenote and Onenote on my iPad and they do not behave the way Evernote does. However, it does make me realise that Evernote must not be used by people taking notes in meetings on iOS because it is unusable and as such I am sure more people would have complained if they used it in this way.
  11. This issue has been around for a long time now and I no longer use my iPad for Evernote meeting notes because it is unusable. I use Apple notes and then copy across later. The issue should be resolved in the new app if it ever comes but it looks like it has been delayed by quite a bit.
  12. I have experienced this on my iPad and iPhone for about six months and am puzzled why there are not more people complaining. It makes iPad note taking unusable. Maybe people do not take meeting notes on their ipads :-)
  13. That is exactly what I do now. In terms of just recording notes then in my view Apple Notes is a much better experience than Evernote. It is also much faster. It meets all my needs with the exception of being able to paste images into notes from the web application as I use Windows at work.
  14. This not only happens when you switch apps. If you are in a meeting taking notes and you stop for a couple of minutes then when you go to start taking notes again the note refreshes and goes to the top of the note. I have had to stop using Evernote on my iPad for note taking in meetings. This has been an issue for many months and I keep getting told a fix is on its way but there have been several iOS app updates and still it is not fixed.
  15. I have been a user since 2008 and applied for the beta programme months ago and not a peep from from Evernote. Clearly 100,000 more important people than me 😀
  16. Formatting in Evernote has always been its greatest weakness in my opinion. When you look at how so many other web based note taking apps have such clean and simple formatting I could not understand why in Evernote the fonts are a mess across all devices. I can only guess that it is a legacy issue that cannot be fixed.
  17. Disappointed with version 6. This note taking application still cannot provide a decent note editor that compares to the likes of Quip. Am I the only one who wants to prepare well formatted notes?
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