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  1. Success: moving the App to the bin, new download from the EN site and restart was successful. These things lack any logic, but your help was very welcome. Thank you again.
  2. Thank to PinkElephant for the reply & care. > EN settings: I cannot start the application, the "Something wrong ...." pop-up appears and everthing is blocked > AppCleaner tells me that the application is protected Is there any file in the library com.evernote.... folders that can be deleted to unblock the start of the application? Having a UPS is certainly a good option - after the problem is fixed.
  3. The problem arises after a power-failure crash on my Mac running Big Sur 11.4. Reinstallation did not fix the problem. The Popup Window "Something went wrong on our end," does not disappear. Cutting the WLAN connection off also does not help. Seems to be a serious but. Can anybody help?
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