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  1. Ok got it. Thanks for confirming. I will open a ticket as you suggested. update: I deleted the app(and all associated files) and installed again. But the issue still persists.
  2. Thanks for the reply DTLow. I will open a support ticket for this issue. But just to make sure we are on the same page, did you check the video I linked to in my first post?
  3. Hahaha, Well I have tested the windows version, and this problem doesn't happen there. Moreover, unlike the mac app, the windows version highlights the shortcuts on the sidebar, which is useful. Not sure why the mac sidebar has these issues.
  4. The latest beta is 6.6 Beta 1. Maybe its a problem only with the version 6.x. Did you check the video I linked on my post?
  5. I had written about this problem before, but I suppose it got buried under newer posts. I have set various tags on my notes such as now, work, social etc depending on context and time. In-order to quickly find my notes, I use the save search option in evernote(edit>find>save search) to save a combination of tags (eg:notebook:pending tag:now tag:work) and pin the shortcuts of the saved searches to the sidebar for easy access(see sidebar screenshot below). Now, when I click on one the saved search shortcuts(on the sidebar), every single time, I am seeing a strange 1 second
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