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  1. At this rate, I'm not holding my breath that this will ever be sorted. The app has been getting worse and worse since the rollout, everything takes more time to do in the new version. I do like that they changed audio notes from AMR to AAC for better quality/compatibility, though.
  2. After realizing my inability to customize the widget was user error (🙃), I still am not using it for the following reasons: a) dark theme for the widget has been removed. it makes my dark homescreen way too bright. the fact that it's dark when you customize it and then turns white afterwards without any option to change it makes no sense. b) cannot center the widget on a Pixel 3a. (though I'd still probably use it if the widget could be dark at least) BTW if anyone was missing the simple note widget on Android, it was added back in the latest update.
  3. You must be lucky, because the latest 10.5 update has clearly broken the widget for many of us since at least this past Sunday. It was pushed to my phone last night. I have no idea what build I had before, but I literally woke up without a widget on my homescreen and can only add the new one without any attempts of customization (EDIT: I realized I only had 5 actions chosen instead of 6. Once I added another action, I could add the widget). All sorts of other problems with it. Somebody screwed up somewhere, but hopefully they will sort it out within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Yep I agree, the whole point of a widget is for regular/daily use! To release a major app update without a working widget is really poor form.
  5. This just looks like releasing the update before it was ready. The new widget is available and can still appear if you don't try to customize it (EDIT: I realized I only had 5 actions chosen instead of 6. Once I added another action, I could add the widget). At least that works on my phone. If I try to customize it, then the 'Done' button does nothing. There are all sorts of things wrong with it, including placement (cannot center it on my phone which is a not-at-all-rare Pixel 3a) and the dark color option is gone. I doubt that widget functionality was entirely 'removed' on purpose, they just had a poor v10 launch and did not test it properly. It would be great to see an official response from a staff member on here, because many of us woke up today with their widget disappearing and are probably more irritated than I am. (though that will change if Evernote doesn't sort this out in a couple weeks)
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