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  1. Excellent suggestion but I can't seem to find a way to split the one text file up into it's individual notes using the xml editor. Thanks anyway gazumped for your help, I'll just stick with what I have for now.
  2. Sadly cinta notes only exports the notes to a single txt file. There seems to be no way to get Evernote to import it other than as that one file. You can export as an xml file from cinta but Evernote can't read xml. I was hopping to upgrade to evernote from Cinta but short of manually splitting 1 note into 1000 individual files I can't see how
  3. I've been using a note app called Cintanotes. I have hundreds of entries and I wondered if there was any way to get them into Evernote? They are contained in the program database, but they can be exported as one long txt file. Also, where is the database for evernote and can I export any note at any time to a text file?
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