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  1. My web clipper is not working.  When I try to clip something it says "login success" and then deposits me into another open tab without clipping the original page.  I also notice that there is a small dot under the elephant clipper icon.  I have tried unintalling and reinstalling the web clipper and I have restarted Safari and also my computer (mac).  

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  2. Every once in a while (it seems like whenever there is an update) my Web Clipper stops working.  I always manage to get it working again, or it just starts working again, but I can't remember how to do it and always go through this frustrating process to know what to do!  So I am using OS X and just upgraded Evernote 6.1.1.  I select the Evernote Icon and nothing happens (ok, it winks at me).  What can I do (or what did I do wrong).




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