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  1. Hey, I just found marxico and it's really helped with my note taking, particularly math. That said, I have two comments/requests. First, the desktop version of marxico seems to break my spellchecker. I can see the red squiggle showing I've spelled something wrong, but the context menu seems to be limited to cut, copy, paste, delete, and select all, so I can't actually see any of the suggestions. Second, would it be possible to allow for arbitrary choices on the charts. For example, instead of having ```flowst=>start: Begine=>endop=>operation: Do thingscond=>condition: Choices!|approvedst->op->condcond(yes)->econd(no)->op```you could have ```flowst=>start: Begine=>endop=>operation: Do thingscond=>condition: Choices!|approvedst->op->condcond(Red)->econd(Blue)->op```or even ```flowst=>start: Begine=>endop=>operation: Do thingsop2=>operation: Do other thingscond=>condition: Choices!|approvedst->op->condcond(forward)->econd(right)->opcond(left)->op2->e```The ability to color code things would also be nice, but less necessary. This change would be really helpful for things like game design where you might want to chart how different scenes or frames connect to each other. Thank you for your efforts.
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