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  1. Thank you for your reply I have been using the IOS Evernote App to take a picture of the images, not sure what file format it is capture under but I am taking photos of Word processed reports. It is easier for me to take pictures on the go as I will not use a scanner in my day to day.
  2. I would be interested in that type of functionality, I search for text in my images I uploaded via Evernote App on IP6. But when I search for terms (I know thye are in the report I uploaded) it returns the note with images but does NOT highlight the text in the image. Very frustrating as I am not going thorugh 10 A4 pages in images!!! Why can't they make this work!!!
  3. Hi I am new to Evernote! I just uploaded >10 pages of images of a report and I am trying to do a text search. However it pulls back the note where I saved all the images (using the IOS app) on my Windows desktop but it does not highlight the specific. As you can imagine it is still quite painful trying to then look for it on the images. My friend stated it highlights/circles it for him on the images where Evernote finds that specific texts. It does not come back with no search found or anything it just does not highlight it. I am an Evernote Free user but trying to make it user friendly for me before I commit £££. Many thanks PD
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