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  1. Greetings, I'm just trying your new web interface but it's only showing the last note added. When i go back to the classic view, all my note are there. Back to new view, all are gone except the last one, what's up?
  2. Neither account is new. I don't have another account to check so I'll create one and try that.
  3. Greetings, I've been battling with trying to share notebooks with my wife for over a week now. I have shared the notebooks and my android simply says pending. ex. I've shared to xxxxx@gmail.com and under shared notebook I see "Who can access" shows xxxx@gmail.com pending. On my wife's phone I see no sign of my sharing. I checked her gmail account and I see nothing. I checked spam and every other folder she has on her gmail but nothing indicating my share. I've repeated this process many time with different notebooks and nothing works. What am I missing? Or is this function simply no working anymore?
  4. I would not recommend using Thinkery, it seems like all development stoped in 2014. There has been no communiction from them in over a year. Having all my personal info in a system that doesn't seem to be maintained isn't something I would recommend. I see your point. I don't rely on Thinkery solely. I currently use many "note" apps but I thought I would just mention them.
  5. I am running NixNote beta 4 as I'm still looking for an alternate solution. Beta 4 is actually quite good. It is just not suitable for enterprise deployment because, as with previous versions, it used depracated libraries. I could only get it working under Kubuntu 15.10 with a fix to the configuartion file. You can find how to do that in the github comments. Hopefully beta 5 may have sorted this but, because of the very nature of the beast, it may fail again when we get to 16.04, 16.10 ... Its so annoying that Evernote appear to have an almost perfect solution on their doorstep that with a little support could close this thread and get them some revenue and kudos that would more than repay the effort. Unfortunately it appears that they just don't care. From a business perspective I'm confused at their stance. Like I said in my earlier post, they could easily "partner" with the nixnote2 team which has most of the work done already. But like I said, they apparently just don't give a s__t.
  6. What would make Thinkery better than Evernote? I'm looking at their website, and I see no mention of any Linux client, just their web and mobile apps. If that's all they're offering, there's no major benefit over using the Evernote web app, unless there's something I'm missing. There is no 60 meg limit. And you're right, there is no Linux client. It's web based but it serves me well. I needed something like evernote that I could communicate with any OS that I encounter day to day. Linux, and Android. And it works fine for me. It may not be for everyone but I'm sure there are many that never heard of it that would find it useful like the many I have personally introduced it to that are very happy with their new choice. I know this doesn't solve the Linux client problem directly but indirectly, the more choices people have other than Evernote, the more Evernote may have to find new ways to "reattract" those they have lost to alternatives. Attracting the Linux community would be a good step for them in my humble opinion. They wouldn't even have to reinvent the wheel. They could easier partner with the Nixnote community to improve their Linux client which would be very nice if it worked as advertised. Again, IMHO. As for me, As soon as I can export/import all my notes to Thinker or any other similar app, Evernote is history for me. All my current and new notes go to Thinkery with it's browser/android clients. Of course it also all depends on what you use Evernote for. It has many features that I personally don't use. I could be wrong but I assume that most Evernote users primarily use it for clipping like I do. And if that's true, then there's Thinkery. But if you are using it for it's collaboration features then Thinkery is not ideal. Lastly, I do not wish to get into any debate/argument with anyone about my post. I'm offering a suggestion or possible alternative to a problem which I faced for those who may not have known of any possible solution. If it helped you, fine, If not, also fine. nuff said
  7. It's only a matter of time before someone comes up with an alternative that can import evernote notes like Thinkery. Although I have not been able to import all my notes to Thinkery successfully yet, I have around 75% imported as of now. If anyone from Thinkery is reading this forum, They should seriously improve on their evernote import code. Then this thread would become dead. As a Linux only user and developer for as long as I can remember , I will quickly dump Evernote as soon as I can export all my existing notes. It's unfortunate for me that I didn't research the company and their view of Linux before I started using it. I believe it's their business and their right to do as they please and I am not going to be among those begging them to conform. There are alternatives. Nothing remains on top forever. Give Thinkery a try. Especially those who don't already have massive library of Evernote data already. If you are just starting out and you are using Linux, try Thinkery. And no I am not affiliated with them in any way. I'm always on the look out for something better.
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