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  1. I've just browsed to that folder but inside com.evernote, I only have a folder called files, which then has folders for .logs/.trash/Temp and a file called .nomedia which are all empty, There is another folder called announcements which has 9 items but doesn't look right. Annoyingly it's notes from a meeting so I can't really recreate
  2. Yes that's what I thought, but nothing is on the android or on the web. I did briefly see it in the trash on my phone but under a different subject (which I also changed while making the note) but then it reverted back to blank and the old subject
  3. I've created a note this morning while there were internet issues and basically didn't have any access. Once finished I hit the tick to save it, however the sync failed. I've just got back into the office and internet connectivity and the note appears to have disappeared. Hoping someone can help me restore it.
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